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Diko for Graphic Design is an innovative digital and professional design agency dedicated to serving local and international businesses. Each design we create is a masterpiece, visually representing your unique concepts and delivering precise messages to your target audience.

Our passion lies in crafting meaningful, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing art that can add a personal touch to any setting. With us, you can achieve what you truly desire. Let us assist you on your journey.


As the saying goes, ‘DO IT NOW, DON’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW.’ This has been my guiding principle. Technology has been my source of inspiration since childhood, and I’ve always believed it would become an integral part of our lives, enhancing not only my life but also the lives of those around me. Through Diko Digital, I continue to pursue this dream, helping people worldwide solve their business challenges. Diko Digital Hub has been a global leader in the IT industry since 2014.

While Diko was officially founded in 2014, the idea had been germinating in Mr. Ishola’s mind since 2012. His love for technology and the challenges faced by people due to its absence motivated him to ensure that technology became accessible to everyone. He believed it could make people faster, smarter, and more advanced in the world.


Ultimately, Mr. Yinka launched Diko Digital based on these principles. We transform numerous ideas into revolutionary products, guiding them from ideation to delivery. Diko Digital is a company that offers both present and next-generation visual and development services and solutions, fostering innovation and social impact.

“Step into my digital world, and allow me to reveal the true essence of visual identity.

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