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Now, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the realm of professional video creation and editing, whether you’re using your smartphone or personal computer, all while unlocking the potential to generate a substantial income from your newly acquired skills.

This training is meticulously crafted for individuals aspiring to master the art of creating and enhancing top-tier videos, utilizing either their smartphones or personal computers, and leveraging this expertise for financial success. Throughout this course, you will uncover precise techniques to create and edit professional videos that can yield exceptional results in the thriving realm of smartphone and PC video production and editing—expertise held by a select 1% of video editors.

Embark on your journey into the world of Video Editing by exploring applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Kinemaster, Cap Cut, Alight Motion, and more. These tools will empower you to craft polished content suitable for film, television, and the web.

This is a distinctive and hands-on training opportunity with limited seats available. If you decide to exit this page without enrolling, you might miss out on this invaluable chance.


This course serves as an entry point for beginners into the practical realm of video editing. It has been thoughtfully designed in response to numerous requests from students who appreciate my teaching style, characterized by thorough explanations that aid in understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the editing process.

My objective with this course is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in Video Editing, starting with fundamental principles and progressing to advanced techniques. Rather than solely focusing on my approach, this course is structured to provide you with the right methodologies, the most effective techniques, crucial concepts, and their real-world applications, ultimately molding you into a professional video editor.

To ensure that you gain ample hands-on experience and have a platform to apply your newfound expertise, I’ve included an extensive collection of raw footage from an Interview-Based Documentary—comprising over 230 videos for your practice. You will learn to edit interviews, construct engaging montages, and seamlessly integrate additional footage to craft dynamic narratives. Your creativity and vision are the only limitations to what you can accomplish using the provided materials.

Everything you need to embark on your Video Editing journey is readily accessible.



  • – Introduction to essential tools and applications for video editing
    – In-depth exploration of narrative time structures for creating captivating videos
    – Practical skills, such as animating text and logos for impactful presentations
    – Crafting visual effects, including weather alterations and green screen applications
    – A comprehensive overview of the broader video production industry, unveiling career opportunities
    – Profound insights into transition effects, including custom transition creation
    – Exploration of motion and animation, graphics, titles, and more

This course refrains from dwelling on unnecessary concepts; you will achieve proficiency in Premiere Pro within just 45 minutes.


  • – Fundamental principles of Video Editing and timeline management
    – Video Editing techniques tailored for YouTube, complete with an introduction to Adobe Rush
    – Crafting compelling travel montages
    – Mastery of video editing using Premiere Pro
    – Attaining cinematic editing skills and mastering color grading
    – Enhancing audio through editing and mixing for compelling storytelling
    – Adding captivating visual effects using Kinemaster
    – Crafting impactful promotional videos
    – Advanced video editing techniques
    – In-depth understanding of advanced green screen removal settings

    Whether your aspirations encompass:

    – Editing videos for your YouTube channel
    – Producing polished video content for personal collections
    – Editing marketing videos for your website
    – Crafting music videos
    – Editing or creating documentaries
    – Launching a career as a smartphone video editor
    – Learning post-production processes
    – Building an impressive demo reel

    This course impeccably aligns with your objectives and is guided by an instructor genuinely invested in your success.


  • – Duration: 10 Hours
    – Skill Level: Beginner
    – Lectures: 46 lessons
    – Enrolled: 4,500 students
    – Certificate of Completion
    – Full lifetime access

COURSE DURATION: Self-Paced/Online Group


  • 1. Access to a treasure trove of 5K+ Video Editing Resources
    2. A curated list of 5 Must-Read Books for Creatives
    3. Comprehensive guides for opening Upwork and Fiverr accounts, along with tips for crafting compelling gigs
    4. Innovative WhatsApp Automation Hacks

Course Fee: N5,000 ($15)

Seize this opportunity and take action now to ensure you don’t miss out!

For payments and inquiries, reach out to Diko Graphics at 07034660781. or Whatsapp Us Now

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