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  • Online Course on Image Editing


Elevate your smartphone and PC photography skills to an entirely new level through our comprehensive online course. Discover the art of capturing high-quality, breathtaking shots using iPhones, Android devices, and PCs.

  • Overview of the PC/ Smartphone Photography Class:

    – Acquire a deep understanding of mobile and PC camera operations.
    – Dive into the world of diverse lenses and their functionalities.
    – Master the intricacies of photo editing using a variety of apps.
    – Learn the nuances of proper exposure.
    – Enhance your photo composition techniques.

Course Content for Smartphone and PC Photography:

MODULE 1: Beginners in PC/Smartphone Photography

Venturing into the World of Smartphone/PC Photography:
– Explore prevalent photography styles to refine your skills.
– Harness the potential of your smartphone’s features to produce top-tier images.

Lenses and Accessories:
– Grasp the disparities between digital and optical zoom.
– Investigate different lens attachments and their impacts on image quality.
– Delve into the crucial role of light in smartphone and PC photography.

– Unleash your creative prowess through the art of composition.
– Master compositional techniques, including the rule of thirds and leading lines.
– Enhance your angle selection for captivating photographic results.

Motion & Depth:
– Exercise control over motion and depth to infuse drama and sophistication into your photos.
– Freeze action or craft beautiful motion blur effects.
– Broaden your photographic horizons with inventive motion control.

Landscape Photography:
– Elevate your landscape photography game by utilizing metering modes and ND filters.
– Discover the prime moments for capturing awe-inspiring landscapes.

Portrait Photography:
– Gain insights into capturing exceptional portraits of both yourself and others.
– Identify your best angles for achieving flawless portraits.

Lowlight and Nighttime:
– Immerse yourself in the enchantment of night photography using your smartphone.
– Experiment with light trails, light painting, and star trail photography.

Apps and Editing Basics:
– Immerse yourself in mobile photo editing apps to enhance your images.
– Master creative editing techniques to grant your photos a remarkable edge.

MODULE 2: Intermediate in Smartphone/PC Photography

  • – Instagram Photography
    – Black and White Photography
    – Nature and Wildlife Photography
    – City and Travel Photography
    – Studio Photography (Two Parts)
    – In-depth exploration of Lightroom and Photo Editing Apps
    – Commencing a Business Venture and Monetization


MODULE 3: Advanced in Smartphone/PC Photography
MODULE 4: Proficient in Smartphone/PC Photography

This is an exclusive and hands-on training opportunity with a limited number of seats available. Choosing to exit this page without enrolling may lead to missing out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Additional Benefits:

  • – Bonus 1: Access to a treasure trove of Image Design Resources to jumpstart your career in image design.
    Bonus 2: A curated list of Five Must-Read Books for Creative Minds, offering valuable insights into the realms of success and business.

Course Details:

– Duration: Self-paced
– Course Fee: #5,000 ($15)

To enroll, please proceed with the payment to the following account number

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