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Graphics Design

Embark on our Graphic Design Course, where you can enrich your creative abilities in design and earn a globally recognized graphic design certificate using your smartphone or personal computer through DIKO GRAPHICS.

Welcome to our introductory guide to Graphic Design. Whether you’re pursuing a career in creativity, seeking additional income, or aiming to enhance your CV, taking that initial step is pivotal. We’ll assist you in navigating the fundamentals and directing you towards your graphic design goals.

Our course covers the core aspects of Graphic Design, encompassing fundamentals, skill development, design theory, educational insights, equipment usage, portfolio crafting, and interview guidance. It caters to all proficiency levels and is structured into five modules:

  • – Module I: Graphic Design for Beginners
    – Module II: Intermediate Graphic Design
    – Module III: Advanced Graphic Design
    – Module IV: Proficient Graphic Design
    – Module V: Additional Resources provided by the instructor

Graphic design encompasses our digital and print surroundings, using imagery and text to convey messages. Our course equips students with essential skills, historical context, and the art of communication through visuals and typography. This specialization provides both formal and conceptual tools for graphic design, serving as a stepping stone for further studies in design disciplines.

The course includes comprehensive tutorial videos for each module.


  • – Smartphone/PC
    – Internet access
    – Relevant applications/software

Skills Acquired:

  • – Visual Communication
    – Brand Communication
    – Graphic Design Proficiency
    – Art History Awareness
    – Typography Mastery
    – Cultivation of Creativity
    – Graphics Design Theory
    – Color Theory Comprehension
    – Insight into Smartphone Graphic History
    – CV and Resume Enhancement
    – Self-Paced Learning
    – Access to All Course Materials
    – Evaluation through Exams in All Modules

This course is suitable for individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of prior experience or the tools you have at your disposal. The Graphic Design Bootcamp (GDB) Course empowers you to transform your smartphone into a creative instrument, secure design opportunities, and cultivate your own design enterprise.

All this, valued at over NGN200,000, is accessible for just N5,000. Plus, you’ll receive ongoing updates at no extra cost.

Become one of the initial 50 registrants and embark on your Graphic Design journey today. Enroll for the full course fee of N5,000.

For payments and inquiries, reach out to Diko Graphics at 07034660781. or Whatsapp Us Now

35 thoughts on “Graphics Design course”

      1. Am into graphics already,I know at least the basic principle and elements for graphic designing and i have this passion to become a pro in graphic designer… I just want to improve and get to the pro version in graphic and also to start earning from it,so should I be in the early bird or should I be entering the full course for that?

  1. Thank you for Being Here. I ready sent you a message on Your YouTube Channel and I will be Getting this Full Course By the Ending Of this Month. Once Sir, thank You

  2. I would like to upgrade my skills am in uganda and please am requesting u to join me in your group sir my contact is 0756050192 thank you

  3. I’m came from Tanzania I want to ask one qn: How I can get those course Because I’m a beginner I don’t know the process than I should to follow?

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  5. Exactly what I have been searching for all this while. I’m definitely gonna try this one. Cheers 🥂 from Sierra Leone West Africa.

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