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Were you aware that numerous free and budget-friendly phone apps can assist you in effortlessly creating amazing graphics for your blog or social media? There’s no need to invest a fortune or dedicate excessive time to crafting image quotes, memes, or logos, given the abundance of fantastic phone apps now at your disposal!

Here are 16 of my favorite apps for creating amazing graphics—right from your phone!

For a list of my preferred desktop tools, explore my post on 6 Free Tools to Create Amazing Eye-Catching Graphics.

  1. Word Swag

OMGoodness! This one is a gem! If you own an iPhone, head to the App Store and download it now. You can express your gratitude later with a thank-you card <grin>! Utilize your photo as the background (or choose from Word Swag’s built-in backgrounds), overlay text, and produce stunning, modern images for your blog or social media. Unfortunately for Android users, this app is not available, but fear not, as there are other fantastic phone apps listed below!

Cost: $2.99

  1. InstaLogo Logo Creator

Need a logo for your business card, website, or social media profile that just can’t wait? With up to 8,000 possible logo combinations, InstaLogo Logo Creator lets you create a logo using their vast library of images, fonts, and backgrounds.

Cost: $6.99

  1. Phonto

This simple phone app allows you to quickly and easily add text to your images or create a new canvas for your quotes or text. The best part of this phone app is that you can completely customize your text: including stroke color, gradient, shadow color, size, and more.

Cost: Free

  1. Rhonna

This phone app provides tons of options to enhance your images, like frames, masks, filters, and fonts. Edit your images by changing the colors or shadows, or create memes or image quotes using Rhonna’s built-in backgrounds. This one is great if you have a creative streak! It allows you to do a lot of design effects using layers and nifty pre-designed elements. Highly recommend this one!

Cost: $1.99

  1. AfterFocus

Turn your mobile photos into DSLR-quality images using the AfterFocus app. Allows you to tweak and sharpen your images and increase the artistic quality of your photos using smart focus and background detection.

Cost: Free for the basic version

  1. PicCollage

Lets you combine photos to create eye-catching collages, then overlay them with stickers, frames, and text. A favorite among kids!

Cost: Free

  1. fotodanz

Add animations to make your photos come to life! Add motion to single or multiple areas of your image or video, and enhance with built-in filters. Once you’re done, quickly and easily upload to any social networking site.

Cost: Free

  1. InstaQuote

Helps you easily create text pictures for use on Instagram. Customize your background, fonts, and colors, then seamlessly upload to your Instagram account.

Cost: Free

  1. PicSay Pro

Personalize your photos by adding word balloons, text, or graphics. While the graphics and fonts aren’t quite as professional-looking as you may want for business, the ability to cut and paste elements within a picture sure make this phone app a lot of fun!

Cost: $3.99

  1. PicLab HD

Allows you to add textures, borders, filters, shapes, and amazing typography to your images. Not the biggest selection of built-in graphics, but the beauty and flexibility of the typography make this one a must-have.

Cost: Basic version available for free, Pro version $1.99

  1. Frametastic

Frame a series of similar pictures to create a stunning thematic collage. Don’t have the time or desire to create your own frame? Select the photos you want to use, choose ‘auto-frame’, and the app will create a beautiful frame to display them in.

Cost: Free

  1. A Beautiful Mess

Perfect for adding captions, quotes, or text bubbles to add personality to your photos! Offers a variety of hand-drawn doodles and borders you can add to your images.

Cost: $.99

  1. Sktchy

With the tagline “Inspire artists with a selfie”, this little phone app allows anyone to upload a portrait that may just become an amazing work of art. Artists can browse through the images to find one that inspires them; and then create a sketch, doodle or even sculpture based on the image. If your photo is chosen, you’ll receive a notification that your image has been used!

Cost: Free

  1. Facetune

Having trouble finding the perfect profile picture for your social media profiles? Facetune allows you to take a selfie and fix your skin, smile or hair, emphasize or de-emphasize certain parts of your face, or choose from dozens of textures or filters to create the perfect selfie.

Cost: $2.99

  1. Retromatic

Turn any image into a vintage or retro-inspired graphic. Add retro themes, stickers, and effects to create the ultimate vintage graphic!

Cost: $1.99

  1. Popkick

12 unique filters and 5 filter enhancements allow you to create bright and colorful pop art with your photos.

Cost: $2.99

And now you have my “how to create amazing graphics with phone apps” list! Do you create graphics on your phone? What’s your all-time FAVORITE graphic design or photo app for your phone? Share with us below!


About the Author


Abiola Olayinka is a renowned social media strategist, graphics designer, content creator, YouTuber, web designer, Coach, and speaker who is trailblazing the use of artificial intelligence in social media marketing. With over 7 years of experience as an online entrepreneur, Abiola helps entrepreneurs grow their business and authority online by using AI technology. He is leading the way with proven AI frameworks that help entrepreneurs build authority in their space.

He is a keynote speaker and an international best-selling author of “Will The Real You Please Stand Up, Show Up, Be Authentic and Prosper in Social Media.”

Abiola is well-known for his skill in simplifying complex technology and making the use of AI understandable for business growth. His relatable, actionable advice helps guide new entrepreneurs to harness the power of AI to succeed in digital marketing. Abiola is leading the way in combining human and technological skills to create a new model for AI-powered marketing.

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