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How to gain customer trust and make money remotely?

How to gain customer trust and make money remotely?

Have a business page

80% of customers trust graphic designers who have a good online presence on various social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Which proves that they are real people, active and not fictitious.

Tip: keep the same appearance on all your social networks. The same profile photo or logo must be on all your pages on different social networks.

Have a professional website

Having a professional website, showcase or blog increases your visibility by ninety percent, whether on search engines. Which boosts your chance to be contacted by several foreign customers and winning enough business. Knowing that the simple fact of having a website includes certain monthly or annual invoicing (hosting, domain name, maintenance, updating, etc.). Clients, by the normal way of looking at things, will find you organized and very responsible.

As a result, your customers will consider you of some organizational value and trustworthy

Have contact details on social networks and website

Although security and such…

The fact of having his telephone number, his e-mail, his tax numbers, if there are any, and his professional addresses if possible on your various social networks, on the “Contact us” tab of your site, makes you an open and less problematic person.

Most customers avoid someone you can’t easily spot.

As a result, your customers will consider you of some organizational value and trustworthiness.

Have a business listing on Google Business

The fact that a customer types your name on Google and directly generates information about you, it’s great no!!🤩 try with “DIKO GRAPHICS DESIGN” on Google

Thank you.

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Abiola Olayinka is a renowned social media strategist, graphics designer, content creator, YouTuber, web designer, Coach, and speaker who is trailblazing the use of artificial intelligence in social media marketing. With over 7 years of experience as an online entrepreneur, Abiola helps entrepreneurs grow their business and authority online by using AI technology. He is leading the way with proven AI frameworks that help entrepreneurs build authority in their space.

He is a keynote speaker and an international best-selling author of “Will The Real You Please Stand Up, Show Up, Be Authentic and Prosper in Social Media.”

Abiola is well-known for his skill in simplifying complex technology and making the use of AI understandable for business growth. His relatable, actionable advice helps guide new entrepreneurs to harness the power of AI to succeed in digital marketing. Abiola is leading the way in combining human and technological skills to create a new model for AI-powered marketing.

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